Rock pools glisten; earth tides listen

April 05

‘Rock pools glisten; earth tides listen’, 35 cm x 45cm, 2019

Shells, clay, bark, feathers, stones and lichen on board

This work is entitled ‘Rock pools glisten; earth tides listen’ and was exhibited in my November 2019 show at the Accelerator Gallery through Culture at Work. It uses the ground Baludarri (Sydney Rock Oyster) shells that Wiradjuri Scientist Laura Parker seeded and studied in her research. Embedded in clay and using the gifted coquina shells Professor of Marine Sciences Pieter Visscher harvested in Western Australia. The coquinas are a critical part of the coastal ecosystem that keeps Shark Bay alive. When living, they are well adapted to the high salinity of the waters, when dead, they stabilize the shoreline of Gutharraguda, as Shark Bay’s name is in the language of the first peoples there. The work also includes lichen, bark and ground leaf matter and remembers the coastal pools that I peered into as a child on the East Coast of Tasmania and includes remnants of my mother’s crochet; her last acts of creativity before succumbing to cancer 30 years ago. Framed in flight by the single white cockatoo feather, it links gift, memory, loss and disruption with connection, interrelativity and oyster worlding.

Photo credit; Anton Rehrl of Corvid Photography.

This work is 35cm x 45 cm and for sale for $700 inclusive of postage.

Please contact [email protected] for all sales. 







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