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Worlding in futures

I write from nipaluna, Hobart in lutruwita Tasmania, Australia. I overlook timtumili minanya, River Derwent from a land as ancient as the skies. I tell stories that tap into futures informed by the oldest continuing and living cultures imaginable. My worlding draws on connection to place, space and time. The stories I tell conjure oral histories and told cultures whose murmurings hover in lived memory. They shadow the written word and illuminate precious knowledge. I shine light on caves of understanding that are as old as the sun. I hurl my knowledge spears on and through and into 2050. I embrace past, present and future.  My spears sense bright futures with high standards of caring for Country and ourselves. My spears sense hearts bursting with curiosity, cultural pride and deep joy. My spears sense reformed communities, connected in peace. I launch in hope.

Sarah Jane Moore, June 2020


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